Cut Make and Trim

We offer garment manufacture services from our premises near Bournemouth. We our team of highly expert seamstresses and pattern makers we are able to offer any garment related service, from design through to storage and distribution.  


We can create patterns from drawings or an existing garment. Having made a preproduction garment we would then have a complete set of graded patterns made across all the usual mens or ladies sizes.

  • Latest computer technology ensures consistency across all garments
  • Full audit trail of all designs, patterns & cloth
  • Complete range of trim packs and finishing details available
  • Buttons, labels etc made to order if not readily available
  • Tailored suits, blouses, shirts, coats


  • Repeat orders and one offs at a set agreed price
  • Experienced suit and garment seamstresses
  • Garments tagged with unique tracking numbers
  • Warranty against production faults
  • Storage of customers fabric and other stocks
  • Regular stocktaking of customer stocks
  • Customer specific garement quality control & packing
  • Despatch in bulk or wearer named 'manpacks'


We will always where possible offer the most cost effective solution, drawing on our existing designs & patterns, often at no charge. Where it is needed to design a new garment likely costs are as follows -

  • Initial consultation & proposal, agreement of specifications - no charge
  • Pattern making ( varies on complexity of garment,) £50 - £250
  • Printing of graded pattern sets ( per size) £25ea
  • Production costs, per garment - varies , as quoted
  • Alterations, work on a time & material basis, £15 - £25 per hour


We have refined the process of making garments so its as easy as possible for our customers. We use a step by step approach to ensure timely delivery and high quality garments. We offer unbiased advice and will always offer different options where appropriate. making bespoke garments does not have to be expensive thanks to our flexible approach.  We offer each step of garment making as a package or individually

  • Cut, Make & trim service only available
  • Production of garments as well as accessories - air hostess hats, scarves, bow ties etc.
  • Alterations only service
  • Remanufacturing service ( upcycling)
  • Small or large quantities
  • Ideal for small batches of clothing, for fashion or film work etc.
  • Suited for outsized or plus sized clothing
  • Special textile projects, testing / sampling,
Kustom Kit
Fruit of the loom
Brook Taverner
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