If you are in the market for tailored clothing for work you will come across all kinds of claims and boasts in other brochures and on websites. At Clubclass we only make promises we can stand by; no smoke and mirrors just high quality corporate tailoring, simple.

Clubclass is part of the Stuncroft group. Stuncroft manufacture tailored clothing for many of the high Streets favourite brands. We have a 40 year track record in supplying tailored clothing and currently manufacture over 2.5 million tailored garments every year.

We are the only Tailored Corporate Wear supplier in the U.K. that owns a factory and employs full time garment technicians, people with real experience, living and working on site where we make the clothing.

Clubclass focus on quality, fabric, style and fit. We are the only supplier of Corporate Tailoring that owns a factory and have full time garment technicians, people with real experience, living and working where we produce the clothing you see in this brochure.

We have a brilliant design team and their brief is simple: find the best fabrics and components from around the world and design great tailored garments for working professionals; with an emphasis on:

  • A great fit
  • Wonderful styling
  • The worlds best level of performance; day in, day out, time after time
  • Unbeatable value. No one can sell thisquality for less
  • Ethically sound in every area of the process
  • A higher grade of trim than you would normally get on Corporate Clothing
  • Ultra high performance fabric with great drape and feel

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